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During this tour you will walk along the most important street of the city, via Vittorio Emanuele, in the section between Porta Nuova and Quattro canti. This stretch of road was once known as Cassaro, from the Arabic  "Al qasr" meaning  "castle " and that indicated the street that led to the fortified castle (Royal Palace). A way that crosses not only the city but the whole history of this very ancient city.


Palermo can be called the city of theatres. Symbols of the city are the Teatro Massimo and the Teatro Politeama Garibaldi, which with its square represents the fulcrum of the modern and elegant city. But the history of the Teatro in Palermo has much older roots, just think of the Teatro Bellini or Teatro Santa Cecilia.


The name of the city, Palermo, comes from the Greek word "pan-ormos" i.e. "all port ". We'll start from the ancient cove of Cala, now a small port dedicated to sailing boats, and from there we will move towards what has been for centuries the main square of the city,  Piazza Marina, where there are the noble palaces symbol of power and where there is the most fascinating and rich garden of the city.


At the end of '800 and at the beginning of '900 Palermo lives a period of great artistic and cultural fervour. In these years he rivals Paris as the capital of refinement and elegance. It is during this period that great artists, like Ernesto Basile, interpret the "new style", giving life to architectural works that today represent an unequivocal testimony of the great contribution given by our city to the Art Nouveau Style.


The Kalsa, from the Arab  "Al khalisa " meaning  "The pure, the elect", was the fortified citadel during the Arab domination, it was here that the Emir and his ministers resided. Today it is perhaps the richest neighbourhood of monuments, museums and churches. The suggestive alleys that open suddenly on bright squares on which they expect churches from the extraordinary baroque facades make this district unique and unmissable.



The Capo Gallo Nature Reserve is an earthly paradise between the sea and the mountains. Along this path it is possible to immerse yourself completely in nature in front of a crystalline sea.

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Palermo is the first places in the world for the goodness and variety of his street food. You can not leave Palermo without having visited its historical markets and have tasted some of the gastronomic specialities such as the panelle or the sfincione...



Durante questo tour si visiterà il neonato Museo  del  patrimonio immateriale della Sicilia, dove sarà possibile immergersi nella storia e nella trazione di questa millenaria isola. Da lì ci si sposterà, attraverso le vie storiche della città, al Museo delle Marionette, dove  si potrà conoscere la storia del teatro dei pupi siciliani...

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La piana dei colli  era una zona  ricca di lussureggiante vegetazione posta proprio all'ombra di Monte Pellegrino e confinante con il Parco della Favorita.  Alla fine del '700 il re  Ferdinando IV di Borbone vi costruì l'edificio oggi conosciuto come Casina Cinese (o Palazzina Cinese), ovvero uno straordinario edificio in stile orientale che merita sicuramente una visita. Accanto alla casina, in quelle che erano le stanze della servitù, sorge l'interessantissimo Museo Etnografico.

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Palermo has always been a land of heroes. People who have fought not only against a form of organized crime, but against a mafia culture that has shaped entire generations for years. Today Palermo and Sicily are different places from the past, thanks to their contribution. They often paid with their lives, and today in Palermo there are several places where you can read the traces of their passage.

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